I took this video after my arrival in India at Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi.
I filmed the floor during the time that I was walking through the arrival area.

Indira Gandhi, 2015, videoloop, 1:48, sound, displayed by beamer projection 

The video shows a sleeping cat on a patterned surface. The cat sleeps quietly, 
you only see the slight up and down of the belly. After around 6:30 minutes, 
she rotates and continues her quiet sleep. The video is looped forward and backwards. 
So the cat seems to sleep endlessly.

sleep with one rotation of 180 degrees, 2016, 13:21, black and white, videoloop forward and backwards, no sound, displayed by beamer projection


This video was taken while walking along a street in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. 
You only see the surface of the pathway, edged by pieces of rubbish, 
gravel, dust and rubble. 

Vasant Kunj, 2016, 2:31, videoloop, sound 

A bird, flying away and returning back to the center of the image again and again ...

Centerbird, 2016, 3:22, videoloop, sound

from the Sää (weather) series

Tuuli (wind), 2013, 2:34, videoloop, sound


Jää (ice), 2013, 1:00, looped forward and backwards, no sound

Sumu (fog), 2013, 2:21, videoloop, sound

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